Welcome to Bless My Hustle….

I created this site as a blog in 2010, but over the years, my personal motto Bless My Hustle has taken on a life of it’s own. The phrase has traveled all around the world, (including Africa and Dubai) through the hundreds of wristbands I’ve given away. It’s opened countless doors for me- including a chance to work on a project with Will.I.Am. and Nasa back in 2011. It’s what I had embroidered on my graduation stole, is engraved on the inside of my class ring, and tattooed on my skin as a constant reminder to myself.

You see, when I say “Bless My Hustle”, it’s my personal prayer to bless the journey I’m on to live my passion and my purpose, because…

I believe that when our passion, purpose, and what we do in the world align— THAT is our hustle.

My hope for you is that you are inspired to figure out and pursue your own hustle. Dream big, hustle hard, and discover what ignites your passion. Figure out your purpose, and then go out and change the world. The journey isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it.

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Just a little teaser about me…

So what is my hustle?

My passion is empowering people to live a life they love and my purpose is helping them to create their own legacy. I ‘do’ my passion and purpose by helping people, like you, create multi-generational wealth by investing in themselves and investing in growing their assets through income properties, all while having fun in the process! You can find out more about that over at MonicaRivera.com. #BlessMyHustle

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