Marie Forleo B-School | Bless My Hustle…. and it definitely has for me!

As many of you know, although I work full time at my property management company Mosaic, Bless My Hustle has long been my personal passion project looking at success through the lens of hip hop and pop culture. This year, I plan to take Bless My Hustle to the next level as a business to help people discover their passion, define their purpose, and create their own success.

As the first step in doing that, with the help and support of my amazing friends & family, I enrolled in and have been working my way through Marie Forleo’s B-school!

This is my my first email update about how things are going! 🙂

The course has been absolutely overwhelming in the best way possible & I finally feel that I have true clarity on my business!

  • Some things that have happened since I started B-School in March:
  • I joined an awesome women’s mastermind group to meet with on a monthly basis!
  • I was interviewed about Bless My Hustle! You can see the interview HERE.
  • I completely changed the offerings of my business to include Hypnohustle Audio’s, a Bless My Hustle E-course & “The Goal Digger Society”, a mastermind group for urban professional women (& I already have a few awesome women signed up)!
  • I finalized the “giving back” purpose side of my business to include a live workshop to help little girls with dreams become women with vision & Bless My Hustle Motivational Talks for young adults
  • I had a chance to start giving back already, and spoke at Lynwood Middle School about Bless My Hustle & women in business & entrepreneurship! Lynwood Middle School | Bless My Hustle
  • I sent a research survey about my top characteristics out & got an ovewhelming response that really suprised & touched me! The number one response when asked what my best quality was: Passion! Thank you to everyone who responded!
  • I was asked to be on a Podcast!

These are just some of the amazing breakthroughs and blessings that have come my way this past month and I am so excited and energized to keep the ball rolling in April!

I’ll periodically be sending out these emails to keep you all updated on my progress! Thank you for being a part of my journey!

Stay Blessed,