Thou Shalt Get Thy Own Money Opt-in

I have a love affair with money…

and like a good lover, money shows up and surprises me unexpectedly! In fact, money has shown up 3 times TODAY… more on that in a bit!

Now let me be clear. When I say I have a love affair with money, what I mean is that I have a positive relationship with it. 

Not in a gold-digger type way but in a I-love-earning-money-spending-money-having-money-hell-I-even-love-paying-taxes-on-my-money type way!

You see, everyone has certain beliefs about money, and those beliefs decide how money shows up in our lives.

Let’s play a game. Finish the following sentences:

Money is the root of all ____.

Money is ____ to make.

Money doesn’t ____ __ _____.

If you’re like most people, your answers were ‘evil‘, ‘hard‘, and ‘grow on trees‘.


Well most likely because that’s what you were told growing up and those things stuck with you.

But the thing is, if you believe money is the root of all evil, then why would you want more of it? And if you think money is hard to make, then guess what, IT IS!

Here are some other example of money-related beliefs from songs you might know:

  • Cash Rules Everything Around Me – C.R.E.A.M., Wu-tang Clan
  • Yes I do love money Keep my whole clique stuntin’ Nothing but them hundreds Keep them ones, don’t want em. – Love Money, Big Sean
  • Mo Money Mo Problems – Mo Money Mo Problems, Notorious BIG

& I had to throw this one in,

  • In love with the money, I ain’t never letting go – Trap Queen, Fetty Wap

Can you see how those beliefs can affect the way money shows up in your life?( I mean, I love you Biggie, but I’m not feeling your money problems!)

So back to my love affair with money! Listen to this:

Money comes to me easily and effortlessly in expected and unexpected ways.

That’s Affirmation #6 of my FREE guide — THOU SHALT GET THY OWN MONEY: 10 Affirmations to Change Your Money Mindset.

And why am I telling you this?

Because today I had a couple amazing examples of money showing up in my life in expected and unexpected ways and I thought it would be a great chance to show you how I practice what I preach:

First, I had a dentist appointment today…. Yeah I know… ick! But as I stood signing out and saw my payment of $250, The receptionist said, “I’ve applied your $200 credit for being a first time customer and so only $50 is due today.”

$200! Wooooo! Thank you universe! (And my sister for the referral!)

Then later, back at the office, when I started opening my mail, I had not one but TWO unexpected checks.

$152.15 from one of those random Class Action Settlements.

and a $213 refund to one of my companies for some overpayment months ago!

That’s a total of $565.15 showing up unexpectedly in my life IN ONE DAY.

Now I’m not saying this is my everyday. It really isn’t. And it isn’t realistic to think that large sums of money will just fall in my lap…

What I am saying is that being aware of how money shows up in my life and being happy and celebrating it when it does, reinforces my positive beliefs about money and encourages it to show up more in EXPECTED and controlled ways. Good beliefs about money = being wiser about making & spending money.

Time to Bless Your Own Hustle

This is an easy one! Try it out for yourself!

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And feel free to discuss or share in the comments! What are some of your beliefs about money?